LGE2016 - Local Government Executives Conference

Wednesday, 2 March 2016 to Friday, 4 March 2016 from 5:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Pacific Bay Conference Centre, Coffs Harbour, Australia



Andrea Roberts Broken Hill City Council - Photograph.jpg

Organisation: Broken Hill City Council

Position: Manager Economic Development and Culture

Andrea’s career in place-making and destination marketing incorporates a range of management roles across government, industry boards and the private sector.

Andrea has worked for Tourism SA, Local Governments and was the CEO of destination marketing and management Boards on the Great Ocean Road and in the Yarra Valley, Dandenong’s and the Ranges in Victoria.

Her time as Group Marketing Manager at Melbourne Aquarium and working with the private sector to develop brand, business, tourism, events and marketing strategies has delivered a broad perspective that is results-driven.

Now back again in her home town of Broken Hill, Andrea is currently the Economic Development and Culture Manager; working across a broad range of portfolios and projects aiming to deliver vibrancy and prosperity to this resilient National Heritage Listed City in the Outback.


Organisation: Shoalhaven City Council

Position: Director Corporate and Community Services

Craig grew up in Burnie Tasmania. After completing year10 Craig undertook a Plumbing apprenticeship. In 1985 he moved to Melbourne to study theology for 3 years. After the study in Melbourne Craig returned to Tasmania where he established his own plumbing business and a leadership training centre.

Craig’s next move was to the remote Pitjantjatjara community of Fregon in the Western Desert. This experience has had an enduring influence on Craig and his values. After studying community development and youth affairs fulltime while working full time for 3 years in Melbourne, Craig moved to Port Macquarie and commenced working for the Port Macquarie Hastings Council. His study has continued with post graduate studies in local government management, Accounting and an MBA.

Craig has over 30 years’ experience in private industry, local government and the not for profit sector. In addition to extensive "hands on" service delivery experience, He has held positions, which have had a management and strategic planning focus and implementation for the provision of a broad range of services at a local and regional level. Craig has been teaching and training in management and communication for many years. He has also led and worked with multidisciplinary teams and interagency task groups.

Craig is currently the Director of Corporate and Community Services with the Shoalhaven City Council in NSW. His interests are in Australian/Aboriginal History and Culture, running, good food, and renovating. Craig lives in Nowra with his wonderful wife Karen and their two dogs PB and Honey.


Organisation: Wellington Shire Council

Position: General Manager Community and Culture/Emergency Manager

Glenys has lived in Gippsland for most of her adult life. She started her working life as a nurse, has worked in the field of community health, has a degree in Social Welfare and a PhD (Business Administration) that is focussed on the importance of community members being able to influence government decision making. As a result of the PhD studies Wellington Shire Council committed to an extensive process of facilitation for communities to establish community plans. The communities involved in this process have demonstrated a significant increase in resilience and their capacity to manage change more broadly.

Following a series of natural disasters in a short period of time, Council’s emergency management team, headed by Glenys, worked with affected communities to establish community emergency plans. This planning process is based on the same theoretical framework that underpins the community planning process. It enables the people involved to establish a similar set of skills that enable them to cope with a range of changing circumstances that impact significantly on their lives.

Glenys is committed to working towards making Wellington Shire Council an organisation that highly values community involvement and where a diverse range of opportunities exist for people to actively participate in planning that influences their livelihood. 

Graeme Bissett.jpg

Organisation: Shire of Toodyay

Position: Manager Planning and Development

Graeme has been employed as an officer in Local Government in both NSW and Western Australia for over 30 year and is currently part of the Executive Management team at the peri-urban Shire of Toodyay, outside Perth. 

He obtained his undergraduate degree in Environmental Health and his Building Surveyor qualification at the University of Western Sydney and has recently completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Public Sector Management. He is a member of the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors (AIBS) and an associate member of the Local Government Association WA (LGMA (WA)). 

Graeme commenced his Career as an EHO/Building Surveyor and has worked in both small and large Councils in this capacity before being appointed as a senior manager of Planning and Development at Toodyay 3 years ago.
Career highlights include setting up a regional waste facility in the WA Wheatbealt and Managing the Environmental Health, building and planning services for 4 County Shires. He is currently overseeing a compressive review of the Local Planning Scheme and Planning Strategy for Toodyay. 

Graeme is also extensively involved in volunteering. This has included community groups, the Scouts and a number of emergency services. He is currently part of his local Volunteer Bushfire Brigade as their Chairman. 


Organisation: Impact Psychology

Position: Director

After working with hundreds of senior executives in both Private and Public Sector organisations Karen has developed a deep understanding of what keeps senior people in the zone and their careers on the rise. Karen's practical and personalised advice is the key to her success.

Karen is a sought after executive coach and organisational psychologist working across the worlds leading brands, such as IBM, Qantas, Charter Hall, TAFE NSW and a range of public service agencies. Karen likes to stretch the boundaries and has worked with clients in China, Thailand, India and most recently with the Shanghai Tourism Board and China National Convention Centre. Karen provides bespoke consulting on a range of human capital areas, such as innovation, strategic planning and change and also works with managers to develop resilience, and helpful lifelong habits. She is also a part time academic, in the Psychology Department at UNSW. 

Madeleine Shaw Headshot 2014.jpg

Organisation: The Resilience Institute

Position: Senior Manager

Madeleine Shaw is a Senior Manager with The Resilience Institute. In her previous career as a lawyer with leading law firms in Sydney and San Francisco, and then a major multinational corporation, Madeleine had upclose
and personal experience of the benefits of resilience.

Madeleine’s first steps along the path to resilience began as a participant in a
Resilience Institute leadership program in 2007. She became passionate about working with people to help them perform at their best, sustainably and enjoyably. Madeleine is now an in-demand speaker, coach and facilitator. She is a qualified executive coach (accredited with the Institute of Executive Coaching & Leadership) and works with people across a range of roles and sectors, helping them to achieve the authenticity and success they want in their lives. She works extensively with banks, law firms, financial services organisations, educators, manufacturing and FMCG companies and the public sector. Madeleine’s down to earth style combined with her laser focus get great results and she loves seeing people make the changes they want in their lives.

Madeleine lives on the NSW central coast with her partner and daughter where she enjoys the change in pace from the working week in Sydney.

MFerguson 23Dec2015.jpg

Organisation: Pittwater Council

Position: General Manager

Mr Mark Ferguson is the General Manager of Pittwater Council, a role he has held for 10 years. He has worked in local government for over 30 years and was previously General Manager of Coffs Harbour City Council, a position he held from 1998-2005. Prior to being a General Manager, Mr Ferguson was Director Finance and Administration at Coffs Harbour City Council for a period of 8 years and began his career in Local Government at Dubbo City Council. Mr Ferguson’s qualifications include an Executive MBA, a Bachelor of Business – Local Government and Economics and an Associate Diploma in Local Government Administration.


“The price of admission to work these days is the ability to embrace the constantly accelerating pace of change. With technological innovations, disruptive business models and connected clients getting access to information from so many sources, it's no wonder we all feel exhausted.

The great thing about Marty Wilson’s approach to change management is he starts with the fact that all these new systems and processes have to be implemented by human beings with hearts and minds, doubts and fears. Importantly, Marty uses well-researched case studies and scientific data, but he also illustrates all his content with deeply personal stories and hilarious anecdotes – as only a former Australian Comic of the Year could – to make sure even the most ardent cynic gets on board.

Michelle Loch.jpg

Nominated for two Telstra Business Women’s Awards – 2014 and 2015 - Michelle works with individuals and organisations to REWIRE their leadership approach to meet the needs and demands of modern humans and the modern world!

She is an expert in Neuroleadership, an emerging field of study that takes the latest in social cognitive neuroscience and applies it in a practical way to the art of leadership.

Michelle is all about ‘making leadership EASIER’.
She does that by working with organisations to create massive energy shifts throughout all levels of the organisation, and educating leaders on how to self-lead, and lead others in a way that frees up time, and lifts productivity! And who couldn’t benefit from that!

Michelle’s clients describe her as... passionate, practical, and professional....and her programs as ‘transformational’!

Michelle studied under, and then worked for Dr David Rock, the founder of the US based Neuroleadership Institute. She is a PCC Qualified Coach with the International Coach Federation, a Distinction qualified Mind Gym Coach, holds a Bachelors Degree in Education, Diploma in Teaching, and a Certificate of Neuroleadership.


Organisation: Manly Council

Position: Catchments Project Officer

Patrick Stuart is an Environmental Scientist in Manly Council’s Water Cycle Management Team. His role for the last 6 years includes managing environmental water quality, flooding, water savings and Water Sensitive Urban Design projects. He has also worked in the private sector as a contaminated sites consultant. Patrick completed a Master of Science Research Degree on the Effectiveness of Bioretention Systems and Rain-gardens in Improving Stormwater Quality. His research has been published and presented at environmental management conferences and at Local Government workshops. He is a young professional of the stormwater management industry and one to look out for in Local Government.


IMPROVISE – ADAPT - OVERCOME. These three words – a mantra Paul learnt in the Australian Army as a young Paratrooper – resonated with him the first time he heard them.

Paul chased adventure wherever he could find it, from his wild ride as a hoodlum teen and his life on the edge, to hauling his way up to the elite echelons of Australia’s defence forces.

But trouble hunted him down in the form of a brutal shark in February 2009 when Paul lost two limbs, and his career as a daredevil Navy Clearance Diver was flung into jeopardy.

Drawing on everything his eventful life had taught him, Paul left nothing to chance in his recovery. He fought through excruciating pain, smashing challenge after challenge, and amazing the medical staff with his will to succeed. His inspiring story takes ‘never say die’ to a whole new level.

In the five years since the shark attack, Paul's life has changed in every aspect. Leaving full time Navy Service in August 2012, after continuing to instruct Navy Divers for a further 3.5 years, Paul travels the world as a top motivational speaker, passionate environmentalist, adventurer and mentor to school kids.

From the United Nations in New York and the US Navy in San Diego, to Anzac Day military celebrations in front of thousands, and keynotes for multimillion dollar corporations and charity organizations around Australia and New Zealand, Paul has spoken at venues all around the world,.

He has also been a guest on every major Australian TV talk show. Just recently, he starred as a guest trainer on the Biggest Loser Australia, and co-hosting a program for Discovery Channel’s 2014 Shark Week…Great White Matrix.

An amazing man, an amazing story. Paul will simply inspire you.

Toni Averay.jpg

Organisation: Liverpool City Council

Position: Director Planning and Growth

Toni is currently the Director Planning and Growth at Liverpool City Council, a position she has held since July 2013. Liverpool is a high growth council with an expected extra 130,000 people moving to Liverpool over the next 20 years. Liverpool is also the home of the Western Sydney Airport to be built at Badgerys Creek, announced by then Prime Minister Tony Abbott in April 2014. 

Toni has more than 17 years experience in local government and has held senior management positions in 5 south east Queensland Councils, including as General Manager Environment, Planning and Development at Redland City Council. Toni is a Graduate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and Associate Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management. Toni holds a number of tertiary qualifications, including a Masters in Public Administration. Toni was the Sunshine Coast Business Woman of the Year 2003, in the Corporate/Government category, and also the Australian Institute of Management Professional Manager of the Year 2003 for the Sunshine Coast region. 

Toni is married with 3 adult sons and a baby granddaughter.